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I have acted in many, many complex matters, over a wide area of boundary-breaking law.

I aim always to practice with a high level of expertise, because every matter is important. I am more efficient than a large law firm because my firm doesn’t have excess overhead. That makes our fees more effective.

If there are questions that fall outside my expertise I have a network of excellent lawyers I will bring-in as required. I recommend strategies well in advance, remaining flexible, reacting to change and seeking opportunities in adversity to obtain optimal results. I use technology to work efficiently and keep costs down. In adversarial settings I am known as being relentless and tenacious. At the same time I educate clients about the law and how it affects their business interests so they can make informed decisions about potential risks and rewards.

I have spent plenty of time around large law firms. I have been a large-firm partner. I can tell you that most of those people are competent and affable, but it should be remembered that large firms tend to have a revolving door of juniors and associates handling the details. The primary lawyer becomes less familiar with the matter as it unfolds. I deal with matters hands-on all the way. I have my finger on the trigger of large firm professionalism with excellent one-on-one service.