Marc Bolan, front-man of the early 70’s English glam-rock group “T-Rex” always knew he was destined to be a teenage idol. What he could not have known was that after he died in a car wreck in 1977 at age 29, his two-year old son and sole heir Rolan would still be litigating the legacy of his copyrights, 35 years later.

Born in the east end of post-war London in 1947, his parents were Simeon Feld, a truck driver, and Phyllis Feld who operated a fruit stall in the market. His loving parents bought him his first guitar when he was nine; as a young teen he performed with mates from school but was expelled or dropped out by age 15. With immaculate style, arrogance, and a desire to be rich and famous, he had fallen into the mod scene of the early 60s, stealing or hustling motor scooters to pay for his obsession with fashion and clothing. By the mid-60s he had recorded his first music single and made an appearance on “Ready, Steady, Go”, one of the UK’s first pop music television shows.